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Jake Speaks About NFL Opportunity, Titans

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In case you missed it, here is a transcript of Jake’s introduction press conference on Friday, his first appearance as the newest addition of the Tennessee Titans. Jake boarded a red-eye flight to get out to Tennessee for the press conference, only to return to Washington later that day.

And, here is an interview with ESPN Radio where he admitted he was even a little surprised that he was chosen so soon by Tennessee.

“I knew there was some interest,” Jake said of the Titans. “I just didn’t know there was enough to take me with that number eight pick.”

He went on to say that he is excited for the challenge of playing professional football and that he is looking forward to earning the trust of his coaches and teammates.

See Jake’s Segment on ESPN’s E:60

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In case you missed it, here is the E:60 feature on Jake, “Money Comes Second,” televised earlier this afternoon on ESPN.

Jake and the NFL Network

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Jake visited the NFL Network set this week as part of their “Path to the Draft” series, was interviewed for the blog, and was a guest analyst on the league’s 24-hour t.v. channel.

Jake is also a part of the “Everything to Prove” series featured on, a series that follows the transition of 14 collegiate players to the pro game. The 1st program can be found here, and the 2nd program can be found here.

Become a Sponsor for UW’s Touchdown For Kids

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One of Jake’s passions is to help out kids fighting life challenging diseases. Often he makes visits and phone calls to offer  support and enouragement to kids and their families, and helps out in fundraising and promoting good causes, such as the Run of Hope.

In an effort to assist families that have daunting medical costs as a result of needed pediatric care, Jake has recently teamed up with the University of Washington and Seattle Children’s to establish “UW’s Touchdown For Kids.” The foundation was created to ‘provide world-class pediatric care to every child in our region who needs it regardless of a family’s ability to pay.’

You can jump in as a flat-fee sponsor or can make a pledge to donate everytime the Huskies score a touchdown. You can listen to Jake explain how you can be a part of this important cause here. You can also listen to Jake’s interview on KJR a.m. where he talks about the Touchdown for Kids program.

#10′s Top-10 Offseason Moments of 2010

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As the first fall practice of the 2010 season is only a week away, we thought we would wrap up a busy offseason for Jake–an offseason filled with honors, predictions, and promotions. And, even though there hasn’t been any field action in the last 7 1/2 months–outside of the Spring Game and practices–there hasn’t been a shortage of Husky Football news and/or Jake news specifically.

If we missed anything, please feel free to comment on your favorite off-season moment. And, if you missed any of the great moments of the year so far, you can catch up below.

10. The “Year of Jake” jake-locker-new-york-trip

Although the Huskies are largely unknown after some disappointing seasons and being tucked away in the Northwest, the media started focusing on Jake once he decided to play his senior season. Bruce Feldman of ESPN posted an article titled “The Year of Jake Locker“, an interview with Jake’s dad, Scott, and Jake himself. It is an insider piece but one quote particularly of interest was regarding his love for football and baseball:

“I love playing football,” said the younger Locker. “That’s why I chose playing football out of high school. I have a passion for playing this game. It’s what I want to be doing. That’s where my focus is. I’ve said that ever since I got out of high school and that hasn’t changed. I want to play football. That is my goal. But I also told them {Angels} that if it doesn’t work out, I’d rather play a sport for a living than do something else. I would definitely give baseball a shot at that point.”

There were a couple of other interviews to check out, a q&a with Jake on as well as a solid interview with Paul Silvi in May that touches on many different topics. Jim Moore is also part of the interview to provide the comic relief and dog angle….his favorite subject.

Jake and his offensive trio also were highlighted as the “top offensive trio” in College Football by, a lofty yet worthy praise….

locker-baseball-jersey19. Mariner For a Day 

Jake may be under contract with the Angels, but on July 10th he was able to wear the jersey of the hometown team and throw out the first pitch. And, while he couldn’t be convinced to assist the Mariners for the duration of the game, he did toss an effortless heater from the mound.

8. The Accolades

Well, it may cause some to pause, but being selected to the Playboy All American Team is quite an accomplishment as it a prestigious honor that is in its 54th year. Additionally, Jake was put on the Unitas and Davey O’Brien Award watch lists, two awards that are handed out at the end of the college football season and given to the Quarterback who displays the best on and off the field performance.

7. Seattle Male Sports Star of the Year jake-sportsstar1

In January, Jake was presented with Seattle’s “Male Sports Star of the Year” Award, an honor handed out by the Seattle Sports Commission at an event that was celebrating its 75th year. Jake had the opportunity to briefly speak in front of a room full of local sports celebrities, executives, and writers after accepting the award. 

6. A Football-Only Summer

When Jake signed the contract with the Angels, there was a lot of speculation and a lot of question marks to how it will fit in with a busy football schedule. But, when Jake quietly announced in late May that he would focus on football exclusively over the summer, it rang loud and clear to the ears of Husky fans.

locker-luck-foles-barkley1 5. East Coast Car Wash Part 2

In an effort to increase the exposure of Pac-10 football to the East Coast audience, Jake teamed up with fellow conference quarterbacks Andrew Luck, Nick Foles, and Matt Barkley. During this whirlwind trip–the second for Jake within a month–he was on ESPN’s Sportscenter and College Football Live, and the Mike & Mike and Scott Van Pelt radio shows. As part of the College Football Live show he was interviewed with the group, and also competed in some unique skill competitions against his friendly quarterback foes. A full link of media for the trip to ESPN can be found here on

4a. UW’s Non-Heisman Heisman Promo

In early May, the University of Washington sent out a comp. card to a variety of sports media and personalities with Jake’s picture on the front, accompanied with quotes of his abilities from the likes of Pete Carroll, Jim Harbaugh and others. On the back side it lists his measurables, stats and various accomplishments. From what has been inferred, this is just the start to a what the University will produce in an effort to up the exposure on Jake & the Heisman Trophy pursuit.

4b. The Grassroots Heisman Pushjl_front

There is a fan who created a Jake Locker for Heisman Twitter Account, a “Jake Locker For Heisman 2010″ Facebook page that is rapidly approaching 6,000 followers, and also a short intro hosted on that forwards to this website–sites that will change as the season begins. Outside of the University’s future Heisman campaign, the fans are doing their part.

3. East Coast Car Wash Part I

In late June, Jake traveled to the Big Apple and also the campus at ESPN to do a 2 day media blitz. As part of the tour, Jake met with Sports Illustrated and went through ESPN’s “Car Wash”, a media smorgasbord that included appearances on ESPN2′s First Take, ESPN’s Sportscenter, College Football Live, and even a live chat on

The 2 day tour was not only a great way to introduce Jake to the East Coast, but it also allowed everyone at Sports Illustrated and ESPN to get to know him. After his visit, Ted Miller from ESPN blogged about his visit, Bruce Feldman wrote about Jake’s “big year”, and Sports Illustrated’s Stewart Mandel addressed Jake’s chances at the Heisman Trophy. Jerry Brewer of the Seattle Times also posted a great summary of Jake’s trip to the big apple.

jake-4-heisman-rite-aid-sign2. Happy ‘Jake Locker Day’

Ferndale is a small town in the far northern parts of the State of Washington. But, what the small town lacks for in size they make up for in heart…and on July 24th, all their hearts were with the city’s pride and joy, Jake Locker. Mayor Jensen declared that day “Jake Locker Day”, which also happened to be the annual “Old Settlers” Weekend. And, as seen on the left, even the local Rite Aid took an opportunity to welcome Jake back home.

 As part of the festivities, Jake and some teammates rode in the parade and was able to enjoy the yearly celebration with friends and family. There is a great wrap up here, complete with a photo gallery.

1. “I’m Staying”

There were 2 words that Husky fans had been lobbying to hear, and on December 14th they got the news that all was well in their Husky world: Jake was staying for his senior year at the University of Washington.

Bob Condotta of the Seattle Times was one of the first guys as the scene, and reported the news on his Husky blog soon after Jake’s nonchalant announcement to coach Steve Sarkisian. There were opinions on his decision far and wide, yet throughout all the scrutiny for passing up on a potential #1 selection and guaranteed millions, Jake held firm to his commitment to the coaches and the Husky faithful.

After the dust settled, there were many well written pieces about how & why Jake came to his decision. Ted Miller of ESPN talked about Jake’s priorities, The New York Times came out in spring and posted this article on Jake, and Miller posted this interview with Jake  during the NFL draft.

After the NFL draft was complete, it appeared Jake’s decision was a good one. Quickly the attention turned to the 2011 NFL draft, and Stewart Mandel of Sports Illustrated wrote about Jake’s current team focus and that once Jake gets through the upcoming season, he will still be a top selection in that draft. Mel Kiper, NFL draft guru for ESPN, echoed that Jake’s draft status will not change from ’10 to ’11.

“If you had to ask me right now who is going to be the No. 1 pick in the 2011 draft, I would say it’s etched in stone it’s going to be Jake Locker,” Kiper said on April 7th. “You can make that down. Jake Locker, if he’s not the No. 1 pick, it’s an upset.”

710 Kiro’s Interview with Jake

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In case you missed it, here is last last Tuesday’s Brock and Salk interview with Jake. The interview is 17 minutes into the clip–the guys talked to Jake as he was preparing to go see game 2 of the UW Women’s softball championship game in Oklahoma City, a game they later won to take the college softball national championship.

In the interview Jake talks about the process of recruiting, the new coaching staff, and how he feels that he has improved on his fundamentals since last season.

He also commented to where he believes the UW Football program is headed now:

“It’s headed in the right direction…..I think we are on the (way) up and I think things are only to get better from here. I am excited about where we’re going to go.”

He also mentioned that he is “inspired” by the opportunity that the girls have (going for a championship) and that “it is definitely something I want to be a part of.”

Sporting News interview with Coach Sark

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In case you missed it, here is a link to an interview with Coach Sark, conducted by Dave Curtis of the Sporting News.

An excerpt from the interview:

There’s been interest around the country on Jake Locker fitting into your scheme. How would you describe the work you’ve done with him? 

“The first half of the spring, so much of it was teaching just a style of play. This is how we want our quarterback to play. By the second half, it was just great. The ones on both sides of the ball, they just kept getting better and better. For Jake, the last seven practices were among the best football I’ve seen him play.”

In the article, Curtis also asks about the development of Jake in the new offense, the offense as a whole, and his relationship with Pete Carroll.

Coach Sark on KJR

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Husky Coach Steve Sarkisian was on Dave “Softy” Mahler’s show this morning, and spoke on a handful of topics from what is happening at USC to how the team is improving. You can find the interview here.

In that interview, he gave some brief thoughts on what Jake has improved on since the start of his tenure:

“One of the biggest things is just mechanics…..and technique and what we are doing. There is a lot that goes into it with footwork and drops and understanding progressions and working your body to get into a position to be accurate……and also it’s understanding the touch and throws.

I think he is really understanding what we are asking of him and I think he is only going to continue to grow as we move into summer. He’s got an understanding now after 15 practices of what coach Nussemeier and myself are looking for out of him, and now he can take that and work through summer and get ready for fall camp.”


How well do you know #10?

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From his middle name to his favorite football player, you’ll find out a little more about the Huskies q.b. with this interview by Huskies softball player Bailey Stenson. You can find other clips of Bailey’s interviews, called “Breakin’ it Down with Bailey,” on

A Chat With Scott Locker

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 At first glance, there is no mistaking that Scott is Jake’s dad. A fit guy with tons of energy, he looks like he could suit up at fullback and take on a couple of defenders to give his son time to throw. Scott is one of the most welcoming and genuine “good guys” you will ever meet, but he is also the first to admit he is “a blunt guy who will tell it like it is,” one reason he is so enjoyable to speak with. While he and the family waited for Jake to join the group after the Spring Game (Jake spent over an hour signing autographs and posing for pictures with fans), we had a lot of time to talk about many things Husky related, most of which is below.

Scott and his wife Anita live within 5 miles of most of their family in Ferndale, including his 3 brothers and his parents, Hugh and Barbara. He grew up in nearby Custer, Washington, and jokes that he remembers when he would drive to his school and not see one car along the way. He prides himself on being from the area, and loves the town he has called home all of his life.

Hugh, Barbara, Anita and Scott LockerAfter high school, Scott moved on to play football at Western Washington, where he played linebacker. “I was probably not in the right position for me” Scott says of his football experience at Western. “I was much lighter than I am now, and I just wasn’t a good fit for linebacker.”

Sports have always been a part of his life, and that led to him coaching football until Jake entered high school. “I had to stop coaching because it was important for me to go to all of Jake’s games,” Scott says. Scott also has two daughters; Alyssa, who is a freshman at Western, and Erika, who is a sophomore in high school. “Anita and I couldn’t be more proud of our kids.”

As Scott flips the burgers and re-fills cups out of the tap on the the back of the r.v., we got some of his perspectives on everything from the recruiting of his son to the last couple of years:

Q. How did Jake decide on coming to the UW?

A. We had just finished up the visit with OSU, and were heading down to Eugene to meet up with the rest of the family. Jake told me he now knew where he wanted to go, and I figured he wanted to become a Beaver because we had just visited there. I told him to talk to Anita first before he fully decided, and he said to me that he really wanted to go to UW and wanted to call Coach Willingham right then and there.”

Family was a huge reason Jake made that decision. It is what we hoped for, but we wanted him to make his own decision so we stayed out of it for the most part. He wanted his parents, grandparents, and the rest of his close family and friends to be able to come to his games. It has worked out great.

Q. Was there much consideration by Jake to go to USC?

A. We all didn’t feel it was the right fit. I don’t think there was much consideration to play there.

Q. What is one of your favorite memories from the last couple of years?

A. There has been some good ones, but the trip to Syracuse was definitely one of them. Over 50 of us from Ferndale flew out to Syracuse. Jake’s first game as a starter, on ESPN at night, and Jake and the team played unbelievable. We had the best time on that trip. It was a great way to start his career and having all of our friends and family–it’s one of my favorite memories.

Q. Jake has a lot of attention on him and has become a local celebrity in some ways. How has that been to handle as a parent?

A. Yeah, it can be a little odd sometimes. The fans are great, but sometimes it can get to me after a game when people are trying to talk to Jake and giving me dirty looks and telling me to wait my turn. It’s like ‘hey, that is my son and I am going to go see him.’

Q. Is it tough to hear fans yell inappropriate comments at games?

A. For the most part the fans we sit around are great and supportive of the team and Jake. Sometimes we hear things in the stands at away games. Anita had someone at the first game of last season tell her that they were going to ‘kill locker’ tonight (because she had Jake’s jersey on), but once we told them we were Jake’s parents, they were shocked and were nice the rest of the game. They were very complimentary of Jake afterwards.

Q. Jake has taken some well publicized and controversial hits. How do you react as a parent?

A. You never like to see your kid get hurt. I have always told Jake to go out of bounds, and that he doesn’t have to prove how tough he is to anyone. He then tells me “Dad, you wouldn’t have ever gone out of bounds.”

There is one hit that bothered me–I’m not going to talk about that one anymore though. I got in trouble for talking about it in the past. Let’s just say it was hard to witness that, but I was glad I was there and I know Jake won’t change how he plays. There was a hit out of bounds that sticks out in my mind as one I was pretty angry at. There have been a handful of hits on Jake that I felt were uncalled for. One was a severe facemask. Luckily it rotated around and didn’t hurt him because he has a small head! I was pretty hot when those happened. That’s my kid out there, you know? Good thing I wasn’t the coach–if I was the coach in some of those instances I would have told my O-Line I wouldn’t care if they got called for a penalty, but that they needed to make sure the other team knew they weren’t going to tolerate that kind of treatment of their quarterback. The other teams like to use Jake to send a message because he is the leader. It may make me see red, but I know it comes with the territory.

Q. You have always been the dad that tells his son to “act like you have been there before” and not celebrate in the end-zone. What words did you have for Jake after the BYU game?

A. Jake and I were talking after the game as we always do, and he said he was sorry it happened. I told him he had nothing to be sorry for. I told him what he did was totally acceptable, and I knew that he had done nothing wrong. He was excited. Hey, he is a strong kid so throwing it that high (inadvertently) was understandable. He was just celebrating a heck of a play and wasn’t showing anyone up. He had just willed the team to victory. It was an amazing last drive and he deserved to be excited. There is no way there should have been a penalty called. You can see on video how surprised he is when he heard it over the loud speakers that the penalty was on #10. It was a good thing I wasn’t the coach because I would have been thrown out.

Q. Did you hear what Charles Barkley had to say about it?

A. Yes I did. That made me laugh. The ironic part of it all was the next weekend I watched another Pac-10 game and one of the guys scores a touchdown, throws it up in the air, realizes what he had done, and then catches it and hands it to the officials. And no penalty was called.

Q. At the start of last year, Jake didn’t appear himself. Was the hamstring injury affecting him?

A. You could tell that it wasn’t Jake out there (against Oregon). He could barely run but he still played and didn’t complain. He wasn’t able to be himself and he never really got his speed back–he wasn’t playing at 100%. But he is a competitor and wanted to be on the field with his teammates.

Q. So he fights through the injury in some tough games, and then ends his season when he broke his thumb on a block against Stanford. How did you all handle it, how did he handle it?

A. It was tough. I’ll never forget looking at his thumb and hearing from the doctor how broke it was. The bone in his hand was broke in 11 pieces and had to have a bunch of small pins inserted. But, he worked hard getting back and he feels really good. He feels as good as he has in a long, long time and it will show. We are really excited for this year.

Q. What are your feelings about the new coaching staff?

A. The kids love that the staff really followed through with their promise of a clean slate and they get to compete for their spots. The coaches also had the parents in for a meeting prior to the Spring Game where they talked about competing and about confidence of the kids. They have a great approach and the kids are excited, and the parents have taken to this staff because we believe they will get the job done.