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Bleacher Report: “What Can We Expect from Jake Locker?”

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This is the question that Todd @ poses in today’s column. While it is an obvious story of interest to any UW fan, Todd attempts to break it down into an explanation and conjecture to those outside of the Huskies fan base.

The short summary touches on guessing how Sarkisian will help Jake progress in the quarterback position, and also attempts to briefly touch on the team itself and Jake’s value in a fantasy draft, among other things. While these are interesting points of discussion, they are all irrelevant to a large degree. It is a new year, a new team, new coaches, and new philosophies and no one knows how it will shake out. But, Jake is the same quarterback who is hungry to get back on the field with his teammates, and with another year of experience under his belt he will continue to refine his approach.  Guessing aside, this is Jake’s team and if we need to associate a word to the expectations, the right one would be: Leadership.

But, if you really want to split hairs, another obvious answer to the question could be: He will hand the ball to the official after scoring a touchdown.

Okay, that last one was a little good-hearted ribbing!

Inspired by a Lost Friend

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Jake lost a good friend, Kyle Roger, last month. Sometimes inspiration can come in the ‘smallest’ of packages. Kyle, who lost his battle with brain cancer at age 8, had a deep impact to Jake’s life.

 You can read more about their friendship and the here. You can also read a story back in 2007 about Jake’s promise to Kyle. 

Kyle’s blog can be found here.