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Jake Planning on a 1-Sport Summer

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In an interview yesterday with 710 ESPN, Jake announced that he plans on saving this summer exclusively for football related activities, silencing some speculation that he may fulfill some baseball obligations with the Angels organization prior to the 2010 football season.

“I’m going to concentrate on getting ready for this coming football season” Jake told Paul Silvi and Jim Moorelocker-usc3 yesterday. “It’s a big summer for us as far as making sure that we’re here spending time with each other, getting cohesion between me and the receivers and the running backs and the line, able to work with everybody as a unit and getting comfortable with each other. So I think it’s an important summer for us. I’ll be here spending time with those guys.”

Jake signed a 6-year rights contract with the MLB’s Anaheim/LA Angels franchise last year after being drafted in the 10th round, yet was open and honest that football was his first priority. Nevertheless, the Angels wanted an athlete of his caliber and were willing to take the risk of him not playing baseball in the next 6 years. And, for Jake it is a great back up plan in case his football pursuits do not materialize after college–however unlikely that is.

Obviously, this announcement is music to the ears of Husky Football fans. If you want to hear the full interview, you can catch the full audio here. Also, you can read some more thoughts on the matter here.