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Last “Three for the Show” Episode Airs Tonight

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A quick reminder that “Three for the Show”, a 3-part documentary that chronicles Jake’s journey from college football to a pro career, will be on tonight at 5:00 p.m. A clip of the last episode can be found here.

A replay can be found on ESPN2 tomorrow evening.

Jake To Be Part of ESPN’s ‘E:60′ Show Tuesday

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As the final stage of Jake’s progression from college football to the pros will come to a close on Thursday night during the NFL Draft, there will be a little more attention on him beforehand as he will be featured on ESPN’s in depth show ‘E:60′ tomorrow at 4:00 p.m. P.S.T.  The show will focus on Jake’s decision to forego entering the 2010 NFL draft and his level of commitment inside and outside of football. Here is a clip of the program:

Following the hour long program, the second part of ESPN’s series “Three For the Show” will air at 5 p.m. P.S.T. The 3 part documentary follows Jake (along with Tyrod Taylor and Cam Newton) from 2010′s preseason through February’s combine as he makes the transition to a career in pro football. The show features behind the scenes footage along with interviews from coaches, family and Jake himself.

Don’t Miss Jake in “Three for the Show”

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Jake had a very interesting year in his Senior Year at the University of Washington, and now everyone will get to see the behind the scenes action for themselves.

ESPN will be unveiling their “Three for the Show” program on ESPN this Tuesday night at 8 p.m. EST (check local listings), a mini documentary of Jake’s season as he takes the Huskies through the regular season and caps it with a Holiday Bowl victory over Nebraska.

If you would like to see a preview of the show, you can view it here. Jake will be one of three Quarterbacks featured in the program as part of ESPN’s ‘Year of the Quarterback’.

Jake to be Featured in ‘Gruden’s QB Camp’, ‘Three For the Show’ on ESPN

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If ESPN Calls 2011 the ‘Year of the Quarterback’, then for Jake it has definitely been the ‘year of the whirlwind’.

Already the subject and participant of NFL draft specials, NFL Combine activivities and many other media interviews and features, ESPN continues their focus on Jake and a great group of soon-to-be NFL quarterbacks in the continuation of their NFL draft preview and the ’Year of the Quarterback’ theme.

On this Monday, April 11th at 4:00 pm. P.S.T. on ESPNU, Jake will be a part of  ‘Gruden’s QB Camp’, an up-close film review session with some of the top quarterbacks available in the NFL draft this year. The 30 minute segment–filmed at the University of South Florida last week–will also be a part of a one hour special on Sportscenter Thursday, April 21st at 7 p.m. Andy Dalton, Cam Newton, Ryan Mallett and Blaine Gabbert will also sit down with Coach Gruden.

Jake will also be a part of the mini documentary ‘Three for the Show’, a three-episode series produced by Yogi Roth that chronicles the journey of three top Division I quarterbacks as they chase their NFL dreams. Cameras follow Jake, Cam Newton and Tyrod Taylor  from the final game of their collegiate careers all the way to draft night. Showing the ups, the downs, and all the hard work in between, ‘Three for the Show’ tells the story of the drive, ambition and persistence it takes to live the dream. The three hour-long episodes will air on Tuesday, April 19, Tuesday, April 26, and Tuesday, May 3, at 8 pm on ESPN.

Jake is also a part of NFL.com’s “Everything to Prove” series, which you can find here. The on-line series follows a handful of pro prospects–including Jake–throughout their journey from college to the pros. There are 7 segments of the show currently available and they have followed Jake at the Senior Bowl, the Super Bowl and training for the Combine.

Jake recently took time out to sit down with Greg Bell of GoHuskies.com while he was in town, and described the last 3 months as a good practice of patience.

“I was telling (my former Huskies teammates), the whole process is kind of a hurry-up-and-wait process,” Locker told Bell when asked what he’s learned most about preparing for the NFL draft. “You are doing a bunch of things, then you get to that day and you are waiting for a while. Or you are warming up for an event – and then you wait until your name is called. Same thing on draft day: You’ve done all this to get to that point, then you are just going to wait until you hear your name’s called.”

#1 in 2011?

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Much has been made of Jake’s decision to return to Washington for his senior year, possibly sacrificing guaranteed millions of dollars and a possible #1 draft position in the 2010 NFL Draft.

Mel Kiper of ESPN says that the status for Jake hasn’t changed, and that he will be the top player chosen in the 2011 NFL Draft next April.

Until then, Husky fans will get to enjoy 13 more games with the future #1 draft pick at the helm.

710 Kiro’s Interview with Jake

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In case you missed it, here is last last Tuesday’s Brock and Salk interview with Jake. The interview is 17 minutes into the clip–the guys talked to Jake as he was preparing to go see game 2 of the UW Women’s softball championship game in Oklahoma City, a game they later won to take the college softball national championship.

In the interview Jake talks about the process of recruiting, the new coaching staff, and how he feels that he has improved on his fundamentals since last season.

He also commented to where he believes the UW Football program is headed now:

“It’s headed in the right direction…..I think we are on the (way) up and I think things are only to get better from here. I am excited about where we’re going to go.”

He also mentioned that he is “inspired” by the opportunity that the girls have (going for a championship) and that “it is definitely something I want to be a part of.”

The Return of “Montlake Jake”

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Athleticism. Leadership. Grit. The list of attributes that Jake Locker possesses is lengthy, which is the main reason that everyone from the fans to the media expected him to throw the Huskies on his back and carry them back to prominence when he pledged to the University of Washington out of high school.

Tabbed the starter prior to the 2007 after a red-shirt year, Jake knew that he had to catch on quickly with the schedule that the Huskies had on tap. And, when asked how he felt about being dubbed the “savior” of UW Football, he was realistic. “I might fulfill expectations, I might not,” Locker told the Seattle times in an article published the eve of his first game. “Nobody knows at this point. So I’m just going to go out and do as well as I can and play as hard as I can, and I don’t think there’s anything else I can do. I can’t worry about the expectations that others have for me.”

His first start was at Syracuse, a Thursday night game featured on ESPN, and the spotlight was on the redshirt freshman quarterback from Ferndale. The quarterback did not disappoint as Locker made good reads, good throws, and exhilarating runs on his way to 14 of 19 passing for 142 yards, and had 10 carries for 83 yards with 2 touchdowns. It was a story book beginning for a player and team hungry to compete for a Pac-10 championship.

9 days later, the first home game of his career against #22 Boise State was a chance to treat the home fans to a victory, and Locker delivered with an impressive encore performance: 13 for 25 for 193 yards and a t.d., along with 84 yards and a t.d. on the ground on the way to a decisive victory over a solid bowl-worthy team. With every play in that game, including one where Locker took a group of defenders into the end-zone, the legacy and expectations of #10 continued to grow.

Optimism couldn’t have reached a higher point than after the first half of the following game, a contest against national powerhouse and #10 ranked Ohio State. The Huskies held their own against the Buckeyes in the first half, and went into the locker room with a 7-3 lead. Husky nation, at that point in time, reminisced about the last time a high-ranked team came into the stadium and left with a loss. It had felt like decades since the game in 2000 when the Huskies upset a Miami team, then #4 in the nation and stocked full of 17 future NFL first round draft picks, 34-29, but at this point anything felt possible.

It was as if Husky Football was back….and then, in an instant, it was gone. Although Locker still impressed as he looked faster than the NFL-caliber players on the OSU defense, he and the Huskies fell apart in the second half in what would be a theme for the rest of the season. 2 costly interceptions and countless missed assignments led to being outscored 30-7 in the last 30 minutes en route to a deflating 33-14 loss.

But, it should be noted that the freshman quarterback still had 102 yards rushing on 14 carries and passed for 153 yards and a touchdown against a very formidable opponent. The outlook was still bright for most, as 2-1 after 3 challenging games was nothing to fret about and, after all, the quarterback looked more mature than his years on a team where 37% of the players were seniors.

Unfortunately, it didn’t go as Husky fans had hoped. The Huskies proceeded to lose another 5 games in a row, falling to 2-6 for the season. A close 3-point loss to #1 USC, along with frustrating second half collapses against Oregon, Arizona State, Arizona and UCLA torpedoed the once-promising season. Although Locker continued to put up gaudy numbers, including a 336 yard passing/157 yard rushing/4 touchdown performance in a loss to Arizona, the team couldn’t catch a break.

Following a feel-good victory against Stanford, the freshman leader suffered a scary neck injury after a controversial hit during a game vs. Oregon State. Locker was taken off the field in an ambulance, and with him went any chance to salvage a lost season. Luckily, he was okay and returned to the field in a neck brace later, but he would miss the following game and then would fight through the rest of a season that would see more near-wins and harrowing losses.

2008 was supposed to be the return of Locker and the Huskies. And, although having a sophomore quarterback that had been through a full season was reason to hold out hope, it was a youthful team that lacked game experience in key areas. And, Locker would need to acquaint himself with a wide receiving group full of freshman and one returning player, and would need to find his way without 6th year senior and starting center Juan Garcia, who did not return until the 3rd game of the season.

Amidst all of the challenges that come with getting a team to gel in a short period of time, a severe hamstring injury knocked Locker out of fall camp. But, he was not going to let anyone make a big deal out of his injury and maintained his excitement for the season, a season that everyone knew would come down to his success and leadership.

As he took the field less than 100%, the first game saw the quarterback struggle. Without his typical speed and without a lot of time to bond with the new freshman receivers, the Husky offense could not get on track. After the loss to Oregon on the road a controversial defeat against BYU followed, a game that saw the flash of Jake’s brilliance as he willed them to what appeared to be a game-tying touchdown. It was a disappointing loss that got people from coast to coast talking, but discussing the poorly officiated ending was no consolation for a team thirsty for a victory. jake-locker31

Less than 2 games later, Locker’s already challenging season was cut short after he broke his hand throwing a block. Always the consummate teammate and leader, the cruel twist of fate was fitting if not only for the reason he suffered his injury doing what most quarterbacks don’t do: block for their teammates.

As we look to next season, the Huskies aren’t even a blip on the radar of most. They open their season with a nationally televised night game against perennial powerhouse LSU, a game they are expected to lose. They bring in a losing streak of regrettable proportions. And they feature a quarterback that, outside of the West Coast, has been largely forgotten because of his abrupt departure last season.

Through the 2-year journey, Jake has seen not only what it feels like to quickly climb the peaks of success, but also how it feels to endure frustrating injuries and painful losses. This year may be a perfect opportunity, however. He will be able to approach a season with relative calm, a season where there will be optimism but few expectations. It will be with a team that lacks a large group of seniors but one that is packed full of potential. And even though there will be a gauntlet of tests on the schedule, it will provide great opportunities to recapture what has been recently been lost: in Locker’s words, we will once again see ”a more inspired football team.”

It could be said after the last 2 years (15 total games) that it would appear Locker is star-crossed or unlucky. Whatever conclusions are made, there is an old saying that “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” If that is the case, the talented Mr. Locker may be stronger than ever, and with a healthy group of more experienced teammates and a coach known for developing quarterbacks, fans of college football should take notice: ”Montlake Jake” will be back.

Links of the Week

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A few UW and Jake tidbits from the week:

May 2nd: In case you missed the news, the opening game of the season against LSU at Husky Stadium will be at night on ESPN.  Does it get any better than that?

May 5th: The Huskies released the first official depth chart. To see a full chart, Chris Fetters of Dawgman provides a great breakdown here. Of course, this is just the start of a roster that will continue to change leading up to the first game of the season.

May 6th: Nick Daschel of Buster Sports says you can “Take it to the Bank” that EJ Savannah will be one to watch this year.

May 8th: Bruce Feldman of ESPN.com opens his mailbag, where he answers a couple of questions regarding Jake Locker and the Huskies.

Also on ESPN.com, Ted Miller has a thorough summary on every Pac 10 team’s spring camp, including the Huskies, in his “Spring Wrap-Up.”

Coach Holt Interview

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Yeah, I know. A website for the quarterback, and we are linking to an interview to the d-coordinator. But who doesn’t love Coach Holt already? Ted Miller of ESPN interviews the intense leader of the Husky defense for his blog.

Here is an excerpt from the interview: 

NH: “In 2006, they played us tough [26-20 final]. It came down to the wire and we won on the last series of the football game. They were driving and time ran out. And in 2007, it came down to the last part of the fourth quarter [27-24 final]. We barely got out of Seattle. They always played us really competitively. Down at USC, we always respected the University of Washington. When we first got into the conference in 2001, during our early years at USC, Washington was one of the better teams in the Pac-10. It just so happens this past year they had a disappointing season. But whenever they had Jake Locker in the football game, we always had to be ready because he’s such a good athlete. We were fortunate we didn’t have to play him last year [58-0 final]. He was hurt. That kind of hurt their season. So, to answer your question, we’ve always respected the University of Washington. We’ve always thought it was a tough place to play because Husky Stadium is so loud and they have such great fans.”

Needless to say, the defense will be reenergized with Coach Holt at the reigns and we are happy to have him.

ESPN Ranks Jake 11th Best Player in the Pac-10

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Many of you are familiar with Ted Miller’s blog on ESPN.COM. Ted is counting down the 30 best players in the Pac 10, and recently ranked Jake #11. You can access the article here.

We all know Jake is worthy of top 10, and look forward to his upcoming season to prove that point.